No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

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Dental insurance can help defray the cost of dental care, making it more affordable to promote the oral health of you and your family. But many people don’t have dental insurance, either because their employer doesn’t offer it, they work a part-time job without benefits, or they are between jobs. Nobody should have to wait […]

Expanded Hours for Your Convenience

If you work a normal 9 to 5 job, it can sometimes be difficult to do ordinary things that other people take for granted, like make a dentist’s appointment. But at Bella Smile, we offer expanded hours for working people on specific days so you can enjoy the same benefits of top-quality dental services without […]

Restorative Dentistry Can Make You Whole Again

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Restorative dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when your dental care provider restores your smile to the way it looked before. Before what? It could be an accident, an injury, or perhaps some sort of tooth or gum disease that affected your smile. Or it could simply be before the ravages of time […]

Don’t Like Flossing? Try Disposable Floss Picks!

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Some people just aren’t into flossing. They either (intentionally) forget to do it, or they just can’t stand the idea of standing in front of a mirror and pulling thin floss between their teeth each day. We totally get it. Flossing isn’t the most pleasant part of your day. Yet it’s essential to remove the […]

Teeth Cleaning Essential for Optimal Oral Health

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When was the last time you got your teeth cleaned? Not simply brushing and flossing. But professional cleaning by a trained dental hygienist or dentist’s assistant? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably been too long. Twice per year teeth cleaning is recommended by dental professionals to ensure optimal oral health. It May Be Free […]

Do You Have Bad Breath? Maybe …

People who have bad breath usually don’t realize it. That’s because their friends, family, and co-workers usually are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to let them know that their breath stinks. So that means you may have bad breath right now and not even know it! Halitosis Happening Bad breath, which technically is known as “halitosis”, […]

What Do You Want in a Local Dentist?

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There are certain things that you have to have from your dentist: Competency, availability, and clean and sanitary offices are among the essentials. If your dentist doesn’t offer any of these things, you need to find another one right away. Then there are the intangibles that separate ordinary dental practices from the truly great ones. […]

The Secret to a 10,000-Kilowatt Smile

Have you ever noticed the way many celebrities have unnaturally bright and beautiful smiles? Either they were born with the best genes in the universe or they benefitted from the miracle of modern cosmetic dentistry. And you can, too. There’s a secret that movie stars, sports heroes, high fashion models, and other famous people with […]

Make Flossing a Part of Your Daily Routine

Dentist cleaning woman teeth with dental floss in clinic

Dentists have known for years that regular flossing can help prevent tooth decay, improve oral health, and even make breath fresher and cleaner. But understanding the benefits of flossing and actually getting people to floss are two different things. Many people are resistant to flossing because it’s time consuming, embarrassing to do in public, and […]

Need an Appointment Reminder?

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The thing with dental appointments is that in most cases they tend to be made well in advance. At the end of your annual or twice-per-year checkup, our dental staff may ask if you want to make your appointments for the following year. So it’s not surprising that so many people tend to forget about […]