Crowns Can Extend the Life of a Tooth


It’s nearly always better to keep your permanent teeth rather than pull them and replace them with artificial ones like dentures or even implants. Even when a tooth is decayed or slightly damaged, it’s possible to still get many more years from it with the use of a crown.

A crown is a device that looks and feels like a real tooth. If fits on top of what’s left of your actual tooth and allows you to save that tooth rather than having to pull it. A crown is custom-made and fitted to your mouth so that to you it will seem exactly like the real thing. In fact, a portion of your real tooth is incorporated into the crown.

Dental Crowns

During a routine exam, your dentist may spot a tooth that is somewhat deteriorated or damaged. But the problems may not be severe enough to require a root canal or an extraction. In these cases, your dentist may recommend a dental crown.

In some cases, crowns can last a lifetime. In others, they may last only a few decades or even less. But whatever benefit you get out of a crown, it’s usually best to keep your natural teeth rather than pulling them. Crowns let you extend the life of a tooth, using its foundation as the support for a realistic crown that looks and feels like the real thing.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we provide patients with dental crowns that can save their tooth while stopping or slowing further decay and deterioration. The affected tooth is ground down in a painless procedure and then fitted with a temporary crown while a permanent one is custom-made for you.

In a few weeks, you will return to our dental offices so that the permanent crown can be affixed over your natural tooth.

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