Dental Appointments that Are Convenient for You


Getting a dental appointment that fits your busy schedule is easy if you know a few simple tricks. At Bella Smile, we try to accommodate the needs of all of our patients.

Our schedule usually fills up pretty quickly, however, so knowing these shortcuts can help get dental appointments that are convenient and your family.

Avoid the Busiest Times

The second half of July and the entire month of August are one of the busiest periods for any dental practice. That’s because many of the open appointments get snatched up by parents who need to get their children in for a mandatory dental exam prior to starting a milestone year of schools, such as first grade, the first year of high school, or the freshman year of college. Most states require students entering these grades to have proof of a dental exam so it can get a little crazy around here during this very busy period.

Believe it or not, the holiday season also tends to be busy. That’s because a lot of people take time off from work during the holidays, so they try to schedule their annual checkups and dental procedures during these idle days.

Know Your Calendar

One of the most common mistakes patients make is not knowing their availability when booking future appointments. This often leads to cancelled or rescheduled appointments due to scheduling conflicts.

If possible, it’s a good idea to bring your future calendar with you to your dental appointment. Lots of smartphones allow you to mark your calendar digitally so you know what days you are available (and not available) to see the dentist. Even bringing a paper calendar with all your social and work obligations on it can help avoid rescheduling later. At the very least, after your dental visit ask if you can call back later that same day to book an appointment once you have access to your future calendar.

Knowing these “scheduling hacks” can help you get dental appointments when they are most convenient to your schedule.

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