How to Be Sure You Have Clean Breath


Bad breath is a huge turnoff to other people. It can hurt your chances at romance, make you unpopular among your friends, and even cost you progress in your career.

But the problem with bad breath is that the people who have it often don’t even realize it. And most people are too shy to tell you that you have bad breath — even members of your own family! So how can you be absolutely certain that you don’t have bad breath? We have some solutions.

Clean Breath – Periodontal Cleanings

At Bella Smile, we will tell you that you have bad breath. We aren’t trying to be rude, just honest. And we can help you get rid of it permanently.

It all begins with periodontal cleanings, which is just a fancy way of saying routine teeth cleaning. Bad breath usually is caused by food particles and other debris that becomes trapped in the spaces between teeth, as well as on the surface of the teeth. Professional dental cleaning can remove these cause of bad breath then thoroughly clean your teeth so that they look and feel fresh and clean.

If there is another cause of your bad breath, we can determine what it is and help you address it.

Clean Breath – Good Oral Habits

In most cases, bad breath is easily avoidable simply by following good oral health habits such as brushing after every meal, flossing daily, and gargling with a good-quality mouthwash. If you do these things regularly, you probably don’t have to worry about bad breath.

Using mints or sugar-free gum can help mask bad breath — especially if its caused by something you recently ate or drank, such as strong coffee, raw onions, or garlic — but it won’t get rid of it permanently. Instead, follow good oral health habits and see your dentist at least twice annually for checkups and teeth cleaning.

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