If You Smoke, Your Teeth Need Extra Care


Smoking cigarettes is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. It can affect your health, your social life, and even the way you smell. But one of the worst side effects of smoking cigarettes is that it can stain your teeth.

Every time you inhale cigarette smoke, it has to pass through your teeth and gums before it gets to your lungs. So it doesn’t take long for that smoke to cause brown stains to form on your teeth. And it’s not just the teeth in the front of your mouth that can become stained. Because inhaling and exhaling smoke passes through your entire month, all of your teeth are at risk.

Cigarette Smoking

Fortunately, the popularity of cigarette smoking has fallen significantly in recent years. But there are still some people who find it impossible to quit while others are trying it for the first time. Stained teeth is just one of the oral health problems that smoking can cause. Studies have shown that people who smoke are more likely to develop cancers of the mouth, tongue and throat as well as lung cancer.

Smoking may even put you at a higher risk for gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Then there’s the problem of bad breath. When you smoke cigarettes, your breath is going to smell like smoke, which most other people won’t find very appealing.

Bella Smile

Cigars aren’t any better than cigarettes. In fact, they may be worse because cigar smokers typically don’t inhale the smoke into their lungs but instead let it sit in their mouths before exhaling.

If you currently smoke, it’s a good idea to quit now. If you don’t smoke, please don’t start. It’s only going to make your life more difficult as well as increase your risk of a lot of potential health problems.

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