Is Teeth Cleaning Really Necessary?

Many people visit their dentist twice per year for teeth cleaning. But if you already are brushing after every meal, flossing daily, using mouthwash regularly, and following other good oral health habits, do you still need to get your teeth cleaned by a professional?

The honest answer is: It’s a good idea. That’s because teeth cleaning visits actually serve a dual purpose. First, you get your teeth cleaned in places you typically can’t reach on your own, such as at the gum line and between teeth. The other is that your twice annual teeth cleaning visits also let us keep up with the condition of your teeth, noting any changes and addressing any issues early before they can worsen.

Preventive Dentistry

Everybody’s teeth are going to deteriorate over time. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are or what daily oral health habits you follow. The simple act of eating, chewing, and breathing slowly degrades your teeth for decades.

So when you visit Bella Smile for a teeth cleaning, before the actual cleaning itself we will inspect your teeth, note any changes, and watch for potential problems. We may even take X-rays once or twice per year to make sure the insides of your teeth are as healthy as the outsides.

Bella Smile

Any problems will be communicated to the dentist, who will consult with you whether action needs to be taken now, later, or not at all. That way, you are less likely to experience more serious and potentially painful problems later.

At Bella Smile, we strongly recommend you get your teeth cleaned twice per year. Many dental insurance companies cover twice annual cleanings so there may be little to no cost to you. And the benefits of long-term oral health make it worthwhile. Call today to make your next appointment.

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