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Are you missing teeth in the front of the back of your mouth? Do your missing teeth make you self-conscious to the point where you prefer to keep your mouth closed rather than smile? If so, the gaps in your smile may be affecting your career, your love life, and even your happiness.

But there’s a simple solution. Bella Smile – Fort Lauderdale’s friendliest dental practice — specializes in replacing missing teeth, filling the gaps in your smile, and making you whole again. In as little as a single visit, you can leave our dental offices with an uninterrupted smile, feeling happier, more complete, and more confident.

Bella Smile Florida

Adult teeth can be lost due to accident, injury, or disease, leaving behind a gaping hole in your smile. Teeth missing in the back of the mouth can affect your ability to chew. Those missing from the front can affect your ability to bite and tear food, as well as being more visible to other people.

At Bella Smile, we offer a variety of solutions to replace missing teeth, including full dentures, partials, bridges, and implants. Our team of experienced, helpful dental professionals will consult with you to come up with the solution that best fits your specific needs.

Smile More, Live Better

Once you allow Bella Smile to fill the gap in your smile, get ready to be more attractive, more confident, and more willing to open your mouth to let all the world see your bright, beautiful smile.
If you have been living with missing teeth, you don’t have to be self-conscious about it another day. The dental professionals at Bella Smile have the solutions that will improve your health, confidence, and happiness.

There’s an all-new you waiting to take on the world. Let’s get started at Bella Smile today!

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