Need an Appointment Reminder?


The thing with dental appointments is that in most cases they tend to be made well in advance. At the end of your annual or twice-per-year checkup, our dental staff may ask if you want to make your appointments for the following year.

So it’s not surprising that so many people tend to forget about dental appointments they may have made six months or even a year earlier! That’s why we make an effort to send you reminders so that you never have to worry about missing a dental appointment at Bella Smile.

Text, Email, Phone

How you get appointment reminders and how frequently is entirely up to you. We can send you reminders by email or text message or even call you on your phone. Or all three, if you prefer! When you sign up for appointment reminders, you automatically will get notifications of upcoming appointments up to a week away from your scheduled time in our dental office.

We may also send you reminders the day before and even the morning of your appointment just to make sure you keep time cleared on your schedule. If you ever feel as if we are sending too many reminders, simply let us know and we can scale back the number and frequency of our messages.,

Optimal Dental Health

Staying up to date on your dental appointments at Bella Smile helps keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. We make every effort to keep you notified of your next appointment.

Remembering when your dental appointments are scheduled helps keep you up to date on your oral health. Even though you schedule appointments for things like annual checkups and teeth cleaning months ahead of time, our appointment reminder system helps keep you informed so you never miss a visit with our professional dental team.


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