The Health Risks of Periodontal Disease

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t just help ensure you have a bright, attractive smile. It can also save your life.

Many people aren’t aware that good oral health is directly related to heart health as well. When you don’t take care of your teeth, it can lead to a lot of serious medical conditions that have nothing to do with your mouth, including heart disease, osteopenia, diabetes, and prenatal issues. Poor oral health can even increase your chances of stroke.

Oral Health and Disease

All of our body parts are connected. Your mouth is the first step in the digestive tract which runs throughout your entire body and which provides you with the nutrition you need to live a healthy life. So when you ignore your oral health, it can through everything else out of balance, setting the stage for things to go wrong elsewhere in your body.

This includes heart disease. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and contribute to the formation of clots in the blood, which can exponentially increase your risk for heart attack or stroke. Plus, inflammation from periodontal disease can contribute to the swelling of the arteries of the heart. Studies show that people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we care about your smile. But we also are deeply concerned about your overall health. We know that when we provide top-quality dental care for our patients, it sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy living and decreases the risk of poor health and disease.

If you want to take charge of your health, start with your mouth. Schedule an appointment at Bella Smile for you and your family members and set the stage for a healthy, happy life.

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