Back to School Appointments Now Available

Many states require students to have proof of dental examinations prior to entering certain grade levels. Which ones depend on the state, but generally students entering first grade, freshman year of high school, and the first year of college must be able to certify that they have visited a dentist prior to admission.

As a result, late July and the entire month of August are typically very busy times at many dentist’s offices. It’s sort of like “tax season” for accountants as parents everywhere scramble to make last-minute appointments for their children so that there is no delay in their first day of school.

Appointments Available

Back-to-school appointments are now available a Bella Smile for students requiring dental examinations prior to the start of the new school year. Both current patients and new patients are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible as these times and dates are filling up fast.

Historically, there are always some parents who waited until the last minute and aren’t able to get appointments for their children, resulting in their having to either delay the start of the school year or go to a dentist they don’t know. Rather than take chances, the best option is to call Bella Smile today so you can ensure your student gets the examination and the dental care they need prior to their return to school. The last thing you want is to delay the education of your child due to your own procrastination.

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The first day of school is coming up fast for many students. Generally, by Labor Day most or all schools have begun classes.

If you have a new college, high school, or elementary school student, make an appointment with Bella Smile today to ensure they meet your state’s requirements and get the top-quality dental care they need.

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