No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

When you have a dental emergency, the last thing on your mind is probably the details of your dental insurance policy. When you are in pain, have chipped, split, or broken teeth, or have stained or damaged teeth that are a constant source of both discomfort and embarrassment, you need care first and questions about payment later.

Dental insurance policies are intentionally impenetrable. It’s to the insurer’s benefit if you don’t understand what is and isn’t covered because when you give up, they win. Countless people with dental insurance lose out on benefits like regular checkups, cleanings, and even dental procedures because they either don’t understand what’s covered under their policy or gave up trying to read through all the legalese and mumbo-jumbo.

Payment Options Available

If your dental insurance provider won’t pay for specific services or if you have no dental insurance at all, Bella Smile has solutions. We offer a variety of convenient, affordable payment options that allow you to get the care you need when you need it without having to worry about having to pay a huge dental bill later.

We even have our own in-house plan that offers comprehensive family dental services at a discount to uninsured patients. At Bella Smile, we are committed to providing top-quality dental care to our community, including those without dental insurance. We want our neighbors to enjoy long-term oral health regardless of their current economic situation.

A New Approach

You have the right not to suffer dental issues. Bella Smile welcomes all the major dental insurance providers and will even take the time to help you understand your policy so that you and your family can take full advantage of all the services you are entitled to receive. We also will work with patients without insurance to create affordable, stress-free payment options that ensure you get top-quality dental care for every member of your family.

At Bella Smile, we want to be your neighbor as well as your dental provider. We value and serve our community with both pride and a commitment to social responsibility.


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