Dental Care for Seniors

South Florida has long been one of the best places to retire. As a result, at Bella Smile we have a lot of senior patients.

Older adults love coming to our dental practice because they are going to get the specialized care they need while being treated with the respect and deference they deserve. Our staff is patient, caring, and sensitive to the needs of seniors. Unlike many other dental practices, we appreciate and actively welcome senior patients to join our list of patients.

Senior Care

Every senior patient is unique. And at Bella Smile, everyone gets the specialized care they deserve.

Some seniors need additional time to navigate the hallways, or perhaps they use canes, walkers, or even wheelchairs to get around. We can accommodate them all.

Or they may need to use the bathroom more frequently during their visit. Some may need to have things explained to them more carefully so they understand what type of care they are receiving. Still others may be accompanied by caregivers who are invited to join them in the examination room.

Whatever the individualized needs of our senior patients, Bella Smile takes the time to provide the kind of compassionate care they deserve. Everybody belongs at Bella Smile, regardless of their age or abilities.

Bella Smile

Because we have so many senior patients, at Bella Smile we are knowledgeable about the oral health issues facing many older adults. We provide individualized care to resolve problems, maintain oral health, and keep the senior members of our community happy, healthy, and active.

Bella Smile is committed to providing the same type of individual care for our seniors as we are for all of our other patients. You’ll never be turned away or discouraged from making an appointment with us. We welcome seniors with open arms!

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