Taking Care of that Toothache


When people get toothaches, it’s usually an indication that there’s something wrong. Tooth pain is a symptom of an underlying condition.

It could be something simple, like an irritation of the gum or tissue surrounding the tooth. Or it may be more serious, like an infection inside the tooth. Whatever the issue, tooth pain is unpleasant, distracting, and unwanted. When you experience it, your number one priority is usually to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Eliminating Tooth Pain

There are over-the-counter medications that can help reduce tooth pain. There are even home remedies such as holding whisky over the infected area that some people turn to. But while these things may provide short-term relief, they won’t tackle the underlying cause of your tooth pain. For that, you need to see the dental professionals at Bella Smile.

Our team of experienced, compassionate dentists and care providers can identify what’s causing your tooth pain and then develop a plan for addressing the issue immediately and thoroughly. We don’t want you to experience tooth pain a minute longer than you have to. So we will often clear the decks and take care of those patients experiencing bad tooth pain right away.

Bella Smile

Severe tooth pain can get in the way of your everyday life. Even mild to moderate tooth pain can distract you from the things you enjoy.

If you or somebody you love is experiencing any kind of tooth pain, call Bella Smile right away so we can get rid of it for you as quickly as possible. We keep acute care appointments available every day in order to accommodate those patients who need help right away.

You don’t need to suffer from tooth pain. Bella Smile is standing by to help. All you need to do is call us and we’ll be ready to take care of you.

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