Dental Care Has Improved Greatly in Recent Years


Not all that long ago — when your grandparents were your age, for example — the most common solution to most dental problems was simply to pull out the affected tooth. That meant there were a lot more people walking around with missing teeth in the old days.

Today, however, dental patients benefit from great advancements in medical technology. Usually, tooth extraction is the last option, not the first. In most instances, patients can keep their natural teeth and even get treatments entirely without pain. Now that’s a huge step forward!

Pain-Free Dentistry

At Bella Smile, most patients can get pain-free treatment even for the most invasive dental procedures — including extraction. Even things like root canals can be performed with practically no pain at all for the patient. At the worst, there may be a little pressure. But the days of associating dental care with pain are long over.

Not only have topical anesthetics improved, but the way dental procedures themselves are performed are often a lot less invasive than they used to be. You and your family can get the top-quality dental care that you deserve without having to worry about it hurting one bit!

Bella Smile

If you’ve ever watched old movies or TV shows, you probably are familiar with the tropes about dentists. But painful treatments and even most extractions today are uncommon, if not extinct. Thanks to high-tech advancements in modern dentistry, pain-free dental care is a reality for most patients.

Things like teeth cleaning and checkups have always been painless. But now even procedures like filling cavities and root canals can be performed with maximum comfort for the patient.

Come see for yourself. If you’ve been avoiding going to the dentist because you are afraid it’s going to hurt, stop worrying and start making dental appointments for yourself and your family at Bell Smile, South Florida’s pain-free dental practice.

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