Schedule Your Dental Appointments Well Ahead of Time


Getting a dental appointment isn’t always easy. While there are often cancellations and set-aside times for acute patients, our schedule at Bella Smile is generally pretty full. So it’s a good idea to make your dental visit appointments well in advance.

Usually, we will try to make your next regular dental appointment at the end of your current one. We may even schedule two — one for about six months away and one approximately a year away. That way you already know the times and dates of your coming appointments and can make plans.

Timing Is Everything

Knowing the times and dates of your dental appointments months in advance is helpful because you can plan the rest of your life around them. If you are like most people, your days are pretty busy. Between work, family duties, and your social life, your calendar fills up pretty fast.

But when you already have dental appointments scheduled on a specific day and time, you can block that time off and be sure that you can make it to your visit. Keeping up with your dental visits ensures you have optimal oral health. Plus, it allows us to identify potential problems and resolve them before they can develop into something more serious.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule. But our calendar is busy, too. So the best approach is to make your dental appointments well in advance and then make every effort to come to our dental offices on the day of your visit. We hope you can!

While we can try to fit you in if you miss your appointment, you may end up having to wait longer than you would like. And that’s not the ideal situation. Bella Smile cares about your dental health.

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