Dental Checkup Visits

Many dental insurance policies allow you to see your dentist twice annually for checkups. But what exactly happens during a dental checkup?

For one thing, your dentist will examine your teeth to look for abnormalities, cavities, or other potential problems. By addressing them early, it’s often possible to resolve them or at least save your original teeth. With regular dental visits and good oral health habits, your teeth can last a lifetime.

But before you see the dentist, there are a lot of other things that can happen during a semi-annual checkup.

Dental Checkup Visits

Many insurers will cover dental x-rays during semi-annual visits, or at least once per year. Taking X-rays helps us see what’s going on inside your teeth, whether there are any internal problems such as cracks, fractures, or inflammation of the gum line. A dental technician may then gently probe your teeth to see if there is any sensitivity. The dental tech usually will review these x-rays and inform your dentist of any obvious problems.

Your dentist will then conduct a physical exam of your teeth, perhaps using a dental pick to probe your teeth again under a bright light. If there are any dental issues, they will be discussed with you and a plan of action will typically be developed collaboratively.

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In many instances, dental insurance will also cover professional teeth cleaning. If your dentist does not perform any dental work on your teeth on the day of your checkup visit, the dental hygienist may give your teeth a deep cleaning, including both the surfaces and between your teeth.

Some patients may also receive a fluoride treatment that helps protect the tooth enamel until the next dental checkup. Finally, patients are given a “care package” that may include a new toothbrush, a sample-size tube of toothpaste, and dental floss.

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