Servicing Seniors

The older you get, the more wear and tear your teeth experience. After multiple decades of biting, chewing, and brushing, your teeth can lose strength and mass. As a result, older people are often more prone to dental problems than their younger counterparts.

At Bella Smile, servicing seniors is a priority. In South Florida, our community includes a large percentage of elderly people who are drawn to the region’s warm temperatures and plentiful sunshine. We prioritize giving them the best possible dental care and addressing their specific dental care issues.

Servicing Seniors

Our senior citizens typically need more dental care than younger people. But in many cases, they either don’t have dental insurance or their care isn’t fully covered by their retirement benefits.

When people are working full-time, they often have access to dental insurance. But when they retire, how do they get the dental care they need without paying for everything out of pocket? It can be a challenge.

For one thing, Medicare doesn’t generally pay for dental care. Instead, seniors and retired people who don’t have dental benefits as part of their pension or retirement package can sometimes extend the dental insurance they had when they were working or sign up for low-cost dental insurance.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we have payment options for seniors who don’t currently have dental insurance coverage. We can direct them to programs that may offer low-cost insurance. We even offer payment plans that allow them to get the care they need now while paying for in affordable increments later.

Seniors are among our most important clients. Providing the oldest members with top-quality dental care is part of our charter. At Bella Smile, we respect our elders by giving them the dental care they deserve while helping them find affordable solutions for paying for it.

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