Don’t Like Flossing? Try Disposable Floss Picks!


Some people just aren’t into flossing. They either (intentionally) forget to do it, or they just can’t stand the idea of standing in front of a mirror and pulling thin floss between their teeth each day.

We totally get it. Flossing isn’t the most pleasant part of your day. Yet it’s essential to remove the tiny food particles and other bits that can get stuck between your teeth before they start to deteriorate and do some damage.

Fortunately, there’s another solution: Disposable floss picks that combine the best parts of flossing with the convenience of a toothpick. Plus, they come with a minty fresh scent!

Disposable Floss Picks

Disposable floss picks are the affordable, disposable way to promote great oral health without the drudgery or inconvenience of flossing. They are available at most pharmacies, major discount stores, and online.

On one end, they feature a small line of floss that can easily be pushed between teeth to remove particles and debris. On the other end, there is a plastic toothpick that you can use in just the same way you would a wooden toothpick. Both offer the benefit of clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthier teeth and gums.

Always a Solution

Even if you hate flossing, you may discover that you love the idea of disposable floss picks. You can carry them with you wherever you go and use them at your convenience — after meals, right before bed, or even when you find a free moment in your day.

Best of all, they are shred- and break-resistant. And when you are through with one, you can simply throw it away.

Pack a bag in your bag or purse and take them with you wherever you go. If you don’t like to floss, you can still get all the oral health benefits with none of the mess or inconvenience.

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