Restorative Dentist Can Make You Whole Again


Restorative dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when your dental care provider restores your smile to the way it looked before.

Before what? It could be an accident, an injury, or perhaps some sort of tooth or gum disease that affected your smile. Or it could simply be before the ravages of time took their toll on the way you look.

At Bella Smile, we can literally make you look like a “before and after” picture of yourself. Our restorative dentistry services can make you whole again.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to any dental procedure that repairs or replaces a tooth that has been damaged by injury, disease, or even simply time. So how does restorative dentistry work? A couple of ways. If you are a current patient of Bella Smile, we probably already have all of your dental records on file, including x-rays and high-tech photos of your teeth.

If something were to happen to your smile — God forbid! — we could use these records to repair and restore your teeth so that they look exactly the way they looked before the affecting incident.

If you aren’t currently a patient of Bella Smile, we can either use the records from your previous dentist to deliver the same results. Or, lacking those, we could perhaps use old photos in which your smile is on display.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we can use a number of techniques and tools to restore your smile to the way it looked before. From implants to bridges, veneers to orthodontics, and more, we have the tools, experience, and skill to turn back the clock and leave your smile looking the way it did originally. It’s fast, easy, and even affordable.

Don’t let something like an accident, injury, disease, or even aging discourage you from having a great smile. At Bella Smile, our restorative dentistry can have you smiling your old smile again in no time at all.

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