Finally, Pain-Free Dentistry that Truly is Painless!

Dentists have been advertising pain-free dentistry for decades. But only recently have treatments become available that truly give patients a painless dental experience regardless of the extent or intensity of the procedure.

Novocaine has long been used to deaden nerves and ease the pain of dental procedures like cavity filling, root canals, and even extractions. But today, patients truly can experience absolutely zero pain even for the most invasive procedures.

Numbing then Deadening

In the past, even if you receive novocaine to block the nerves around a tooth that is being drilled or pulled, there was still the pain of the injection to endure. Plus, dental technology has only recently perfected the use of novocaine and other nerve-blocking chemicals so that they are 100% effective. Today, numbing gels are typically applied to the area to be injected so that the patient doesn’t even feel the prick of the needle going in.

For the most invasive procedures, other local anaesthetics like bupivacaine, Carbocaine, Cepastat, Chloraseptic, Citanest, lidocaine, and even articaine/epinephrine may be used. Or, if you go to an oral surgeon, you may be temporarily be put to sleep until the procedure is completed.

Regardless, the experience of going to the dentist today can be entirely pain-free. While patients still may experience anxiety due to the sound of drilling or the feel of the dental tools working on the surface of the tooth, when today’s advanced dental anesthetics are used there can actually be no pain or feeling on the area being worked on.

Easing Discomfort

Patients who know that they aren’t going to experience the sharp, unpleasant pain of the past but instead have a pain-free dental procedure are more relaxed. And that makes it easier for the dental professionals and the patient alike to have a positive experience.

So if you have been avoiding going to the dentist because you were afraid of the pain, you no longer have anything to worry about. Come see for yourself at Bella Smile!


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