In-Office Teeth Whitening in as Little as One Visit

Everybody wants bright, white teeth. But not everybody has them. That’s due to things like genetics, diet, smoking, and other things that can cause teeth staining and discoloration.

But at Bella Smile, there’s a simple solution. Teeth whitening is a process that can remove stains, restore the natural white glow to your teeth, and give you the bright, perfect smile you have always wanted. Plus, it’s fast, easy, and really effective.

Teeth Whitening  – Zoom Whitening

There are numerous teeth whitening processes that can give your teeth that bright, white glow. One of the best is called Zoom Whitening.

This is a process that is done in our office and takes about two hours. Typically, we will begin by giving you thorough teeth cleaning. Then, one of our specialized technicians will perform Zoom Whitening, instantly removing stains and discolorations. You also will get impressions for custom trays so you can finish the teeth whitening process at home.

Teeth Whitening – Custom Whitening

An alternative process takes a little longer but yields genuinely amazing results. With custom whitening, a personalized tray will be designed just for your teeth. Then you will receive a bleaching gel that you can apply at home. Simply follow the instructions and in about three days you will notice amazing results.

Both options offer fast results and will give you gorgeous white teeth and a glowing smile. With professional supervision by the teeth whitening professionals at Bella Smile, you can enjoy faster results that last longer than many commercial whitening products.

If you have always wanted the kind of bright smile that features white, perfect teeth, Bella Smile has the teeth-whitening solution you have been looking for. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Simply call our offices and schedule an appointment today and you can enjoy that 10,000-megawatt smile you’ve always wanted.

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