Teeth Problems Don’t Always Happen at Convenient Times

Things like broken teeth, toothaches, and other common tooth problems never seem to happen at convenient times. Instead, they always seem to occur when money is tight, right before an important event, or at other times that are the worst possible moments.

Yet serious teeth problems usually can’t be ignored or put off for very long. If you are in pain, have trouble eating, or suffer discomfort from your unforeseen teeth problems, you need help right away. That’s why Bella Smile offers both immediate dental care and affordable options for paying for it.

Teeth Problems – Dental Insurance or Not?

Even if you have dental insurance, most coverage usually doesn’t cover 100% of the cost. Instead, the patient is usually responsible for a portion of the cost of the care.

And if you don’t have dental insurance, what happens then? Care for things like cracked teeth, shattered teeth, or severe toothaches needs to be done right away, regardless of the cost.

Fortunately, Bella Smile has a variety of payment options for both patients with insurance and those without. We will provide the care you need first then work with you to figure out how to pay for it later. After all, nobody should have to suffer from the pain and agony of severe tooth problems.

Problems with teeth? call bella smile

Through the years, Bella Smile has worked with hundreds of patients in our community, providing the care they need at the prices and payment plans they can afford. It’s our mission to provide top dental care for our neighbors. And we will work with everybody to make sure they never have to worry about postponing or not receiving dental care because of the cost.

So stop worrying and start feeling better with professional, affordable, and compassionate dental care from Bella Smile. We want to make you smile again!

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