Is Pain-Free Dentistry Real? Yes!


It used to be that a trip to the dentist was something to be dreaded, especially if you needed an intrusive procedure like a filling, a root canal, or (gulp) an extraction. But today, many patients are surprised and delighted to discover that pain-free dentistry finally has arrived.

Now even the most invasive procedures can be performed with the patient experiencing zero pain. Thanks to modern dental techniques and improved pain blockers, now you can have a tooth pulled, for example, without ever feeling a thing.

No Pain, Much Gain

While each patient and procedure are different, typically the dental professionals at Bella Smile will start by applying a numbing agent to the area around the tooth to be worked on. It takes only a few minutes for this cooling gel to take effect, effectively calming the gum so that the dentist injects the gum with Lidocaine or another pain blocker, you won’t even feel the needle go in.

Lidocaine — which replaced Novacaine as the numbing agent of choice for most dentists back in the 1980s — is less prone to cause an allergic reaction. It also is faster-acting and longer-lasting han Novacaine. A little bit is all you need to temporarily block the pain receptors in the nerves surrounding the tooth so your dentist can go in and do what needs to be done without you ever feeling even the slightest pain or discomfort.

Pain-Free Dentistry

The worst you may feel is a little discomfort or pressure as the dentist goes to work. If the sounds bother you, you can listen to music on headphones to block them.

Pain-free dentistry was once the goal of the dental profession. Today, it is the reality. So if you have been putting off going to the dentist for needed dental work, now you don’t have any excuse. At Bella Smile, we can get rid of the tooth pain you currently are experiencing with pain-free procedures that will leave you healthier and happier.

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