Tooth Extraction Not Something to Dread

Today there are a lot more things dentists can do to save your natural teeth. Most will make every effort to keep all of your teeth where they belong. For example, a crown can save part of a tooth while covering it with a protective surface that looks like the real thing.

But tooth extraction can sometimes be the best option. Yet it isn’t the end of the world because today there are plenty of cosmetic and practical options that can restore your perfect smile even if one of your teeth is missing.

Tooth Extraction

Dentists often will recommend pulling out a tooth if it is fractured, chipped, split, or decayed beyond repair. In most instances, patients are happy to have a bad tooth pulled because it means a near-instant end to the pain and suffering a badly damaged tooth can cause.

Yet having a tooth pulled doesn’t mean you have to live with a hold in your smile. There are a number of options your dentist can recommend to fill that vacant space with an artificial tooth or device that often looks better than brand new. Your dentist may recommend a bridge, an implant, or another dental option that will restore your smile and leave you looking more attractive than ever.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, tooth extraction is often a last resort. But it is sometimes necessary to prevent the patient from having to live with the pain of a bad tooth. It also can improve your overall health because a severely damaged tooth can easily become infected, which can lead to a lot of other health issues.

Rest assured that having a tooth pulled isn’t the end of the world. With today’s advanced dental techniques and technologies, your dentist can replace your missing tooth with a new synthetic tooth that will restore your beautiful smile better than before.

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