Make Bella Smile Your New Dentist


Dentists retire or move away all the time, leaving their list of patients with the onerous task of having to find a new dentist. If you suddenly find yourself without a dentist, Bella Smile is ready to seamlessly take over where your old dentist left off.

At Bella Smile, we can reach out to your old dentist to get all of your old dental records. So by the time you sit down in our dental chair, we already have as much knowledge about your dental history as your former dentist did.

New Dentist, New Opportunity

Losing your dentist to retirement or relocation can be frustrating — especially when all of your family members have used the same dentist for many years. But Bella Smile offers a seamless transition to a new dental practice, offering comprehensive dental service in an environment that is warm, friendly, and inviting.

In fact, we may offer a longer list of services than your former dentist, including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, and custom dentures and bridges.

Here to Stay

Plus, we aren’t going anywhere. So you and your family won’t have to worry about finding another dentist again for a long, long time. At Bella Dental, we understand that families depend on their dentists not only for their oral health and dental services but for consistency and reliability. So we would never abandon you like your old dentist. Instead, we treat our patients like they are members of our own families.

So if you suddenly find yourself without a dentist, don’t worry. Bella Smile has you covered. We will handle the transfer of your dental records, work with your dental insurance company, and make room for you and your family in our appointment schedule.

At Bella Smile, we just want to say, “Welcome to the family!”


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