You May Have Bad Breath and Not Even Know It

Very often, people with bad breath are completely oblivious to the fact that their breath stinks. That’s because most people are so polite, they won’t tell you — not even your closest friends and family members.

And because people are so accustomed to the way their own breath smells, most don’t even realize they have it. The solution? Good oral health and a visit to Bella Smile, your local friendly dental practice.


Medically speaking, bad breath is known as halitosis. It’s a condition usually caused by poor oral health, although there can be other causes of it as well.

In most instances, people who don’t regularly brush, floss, and use mouthwash can end up with food particles stuck in the spaces between their teeth. When these food particles start to decompose, they can create an unpleasant smell. This is what other people can detect when you breathe on them. Tooth decay can also be a cause of halitosis.

There are other possible causes — such as problems with your sinuses, throat, or lungs — but these are not as common. In most cases, halitosis can be cured by simply adopting good oral health habits, like brushing after every meal, flossing daily, and gargling with high-quality mouthwash in the morning and at night.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we are polite but we also will tell you if you have halitosis. That’s because left untreated it can affect your overall oral health, not to mention make you unpopular with your friends.

A routine checkup is all it takes to determine if you have bad breath. Once we identify the problem, we also will offer solutions so you will never again have to worry if your bad breath is bothering other people. Call Bella Smile today to make your appointment for your regular checkup.

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