Servicing Seniors with the Dignity They Deserve


Too often, our senior citizens are ignored by society. Older adults aren’t typically prioritized, especially by younger people. Yet these are some of our most important and significant members of society.

At Bella Smile, we believe that senior citizens deserve to be treated with respect and even admiration. That’s why we offer dental services to our senior patients with dignity and patience. Older deserve quality dental care just like everybody else. But they also often have special needs that need to be accommodated.

Bella Smile prioritizes senior patients and gives them the quality care they expect with the respectful treatment they deserve.

Senior Service

Patients who are retired, elderly, or with special needs often require more care and comfort than other people. At Bella Smile, we strive to minimize wait times for senior patients so they can get in and out of their appointments faster. If they have transportation issues, we can often help accommodate them by arranging for local public transportation reserved exclusively for seniors.

We can work with Medicare or their private dental insurance to help them get all the benefits to which they are entitled. Our billing department can often make special arrangements so that retired or elderly patients aren’t burdened with onerous dental bills while still receiving the quality care they need and deserve. We take care of our elders.

Bella Smile

While we are patient and caring with all our patients, we give seniors additional attention. For example, it may take them longer to make their way to and from the examination room. Or they may have specialized needs that need to be taken care of during their appointment.

At Bella Smile, we love our senior patients. We offer them the respect and dignity they deserve while taking steps to accommodate any special requirements they may have.

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