Shorter Wait Times for Your Dental Appointment


At Bella Smile, we realize that people today are busier than ever. Most of our patients don’t have the time or the patience to spend a long time in our waiting room for their dental appointments.

That’s why we make every effort to minimize wait times and provide accurate appointment times for our patients. When you are given a specific time for your dental appointment, we believe that’s when it should begin. Not 20 minutes, a half hour, or even an hour later. Yet that’s often the frustration that people experience when they visit other dentist’s offices.

Accurate and Efficient

Bella Smile strives to be accurate and efficient when it comes to our dental appointments. The reason other practices frequently have long wait times is that they overbook their schedule. For example, if a dentist can comfortably see three patients per hour, they will book four people with the assumption that some may not show up or others will not take as long. It’s also more profitable to overbook the schedule.

Not only is this stressful for the dentist, but it’s also frustrating for the patients who have to wait a long time for their appointment to begin. That’s not how we like to do things at Bella Smile. If you are given an appointment at, say, 10 o’clock in the morning, we believe you should be sitting in the dentist’s chair within a few minutes of that appointment time.

Bella Smile

We don’t think you should have to wait for great dental care. So we book our schedule with our patients in mind, not the bottom line. Our accurate and efficient scheduling system serves you better.

When you want quality care at affordable prices but don’t want to wait a long time to get it, choose Bella Smile for all of your dental care.

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