Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned More Frequently?

At Bella Smile, we want to see you at least twice per year. Generally, these visits include a full dental examination as well as teeth cleaning. Seeing your dentist every six months is usually enough to catch and address any problems before they begin to get out of control.

But if twice per year is good, wouldn’t three times be better? Or how about four? Or even monthly?

While we’re always happy to see you at Bella Smile, unless there is an urgent need for more frequent dental care, twice per year is usually the best. For one thing, most dental insurance plans cover only twice yearly regular visits. For another, most people wouldn’t like going to the dentist that often unless they truly needed care.

Twice Per Year

As long as you follow good oral health habits – like brushing after meals, flossing daily, and using a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and help kill germs inside your mouth – seeing your dentist twice per year is perfectly fine.

Professional teeth cleaning every six months helps keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. And if you want additional cleaning – such as right before a special event like your wedding or a prom – you can either schedule your semi-annual appointment right before or simply make another appointment with Bella Smile. We can always accommodate you.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we want to partner with you to keep your teeth in optimal condition. Visiting us twice per year is usually the best way to do that.

We typically will schedule your next six-month appointment at the end of your current appointment. That way you are guaranteed time with us in the future. And if you ever need to see us for an urgent problem all you need to do is call and we can get you in as soon as possible.

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