Why Dentists Use Bright Lights

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the dentist for an exam or a treatment that one of the first things they do is to shine a bright light into your mouth? This fixed light, known as a dental spotlight, illuminates the inside of your mouth so that the dental technician or dentist can more clearly see what’s going on in there.

When your mouth is closed, it’s completely dark in there. Even when you open your mouth, most of the area in the rear of your mouth remains in darkness. Without those helpful spotlights, your dentist wouldn’t be able to see what’s happening. The bright lights shine all the way into the rear of your mouth and throat so if there is anything that needs to be addressed, the dental professionals can clearly see it right away.

Bright Lights

Your dentist may even use even more lighting if they need to get a closer look at a particular area. Sometimes dentists will wear a second light that attaches to their forehead almost like a coal miner. This offers directional lighting which is especially helpful when your dentist is performing a procedure such as a filling or during drilling.

It’s important that your dentist always be able to see what’s going on. Not only does it help illuminate problem areas, but it decreases the risk of accident or injury when they are treating your teeth.

Bella Smile

At Bella Smile, we use dental lighting as part of our goal of providing you with the best dental care possible. We want to keep your safe and healthy so we literally put you in the spotlight while we care for your teeth.

When you are ready for your close-up, Bella Smile is ready to give you the kind of movie star smile that you deserve.

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