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South Florida is home to people from all over Latin America. But one of the fastest-growing populations is people arriving here from Brazil.

And while South Florida has plenty of services for new arrivals from Cuba, Columbia, and other Spanish-speaking Latin countries, places that speak Portuguese are harder to come by. That’s why Bella Smile is proud to offer the finest quality dental services to people from Brazil in the comfort and security of their native language.

Dentistry – We’re Brazilian, Too!

The reason we speak Portuguese so fluently at Bella Smile is because we are originally from Brazil, too! Having attained the American dream of success in our new home ourselves, we are proud and happy to help out newcomers just getting started in their new land.

Everybody deserves the best dental services available anywhere. And that’s exactly what we provide at Bella Smile — for people speaking Portuguese and English. We don’t believe there ought to be a language barrier, especially in South Florida where so many people originally came from somewhere else. That’s why we make sure you get the top-quality dental services you need in the language you understand.

Dentistry – Bella Smile

Our dental practice is led by Dr. Modesto, who started her journey as a dentist in Brazil, and she received her dental degree at the University of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais. Although she was very young, thankfully she was carefully guided and mentored by a former professor with whom she eventually embarked on a 3-year partnership at his office.

After years of practicing, she ultimately decided to study in the United States of America to expand further her profession. Dr. Modesto and everyone at Bella Smile is a leading advocate for Brazilian culture here in South Florida. So if you only speak Portuguese, don’t worry. Bella Smile will provide you with the finest dental care available in the region while communicating with you in your home language.

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