Bella Smile Has Many Post-Extraction Options

If you have a tooth that needs to be pulled because it is damaged, diseased, or causing you severe pain, the best plan is to extract it as quickly as possible. But what happens after that? The problem of the pain and discomfort may be solved but now you’ve got a hole in your smile.

At Bella Smile, we can help you feel better by pulling the tooth that is bothering you. But then we also offer many different post-extraction options.

Post-Extraction – Bridges and Implants

The two most popular post-extraction procedures are bridges and dental implants. Both will fill the gap left by the missing tooth and restore all normal functions to your chewing, your smile, and your optimal oral health.

A bridge is a dental device that typically fits over the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Usually removable, it will fill the gap with an artificial tooth that can help chew food normally. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is actually implanted into your gum line, essentially replacing your missing tooth with a new one.

Bridges are usually the more affordable option and the one most dental insurers will cover. They usually require occasional removal and cleaning and perhaps some ongoing maintenance and care. Implants are more costly but act just like your other teeth, requiring nothing more than the usual brushing, flossing, and cleaning.

Post-Extraction – Do Nothing?

A third option is to do nothing, at least not right away. If the tooth that was pulled was located along your molars where it can’t be seen by other people, you may be able to continue eating and drinking normally with little to no impact on your everyday habits. If, at a later time, you choose to fill the gap with a bridge or dental implant, Bella Smile can help.

Having a tooth pulled doesn’t have to cause you to hide your smile. At Bella Smile, we offer many options for returning your teeth to the way they were before.

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