Why Get Professional Teeth Cleaning?


If you brush your teeth after every meal, floss daily, and use mouthwash, why do you need to get professional teeth cleaning once or twice per year? Aren’t you already doing enough to maintain your oral health?

The answer is “probably”. But when you get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional at Bella Smile, it adds an extra layer of protection to your teeth and gums. Plus, while cleaning your teeth we can identify any potential problems that may be happening and address them before they can get worse. Finally, we may offer a special post-cleaning fluoride treatment that can keep your teeth healthier and stronger for longer.

Teeth Cleaning

What happens during a teeth cleaning appointment? Well, first the dental technician will inspect your teeth. If required, dental X-rays may be taken to update your files or look deeper into a potential problem spot. Then the dental tech will usually consult with your dentist to let them know what’s going on.

If there are potential issues that need to be addressed, your dentists usually will come in and discuss them with you, laying out your options and collaborating on a treatment plan.

If everything looks good, the dental tech will use specialized instruments to clean the outer surfaces of your teeth, including the areas closest to the gums that are hard to reach during regular brushing. They usually will also perform an in-depth flossing of your teeth to carefully clean the areas between your teeth.

Bella Smile

Teeth cleaning is often covered by dental insurance twice per year. So it’s important to make an appointment at Bella Smile to get your teeth cleaned because it’s a benefit you may already be paying for through your employer.

Taking care of your teeth requires both daily care and twice-annual professional cleaning by the experts at Bella Smile.


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