Why We Make Appointments So Far in Advance


You may have noticed the last time you visited our dental office that we scheduled your next appointment or appointments months or even close to a year in advance. What’s the benefit of this?

At busy dental practices like Bella Smile, appointment times fill up quickly. So in order to guarantee that we can get you in to see our dental professionals and take full advantage of the benefits offered by your dental insurance, we prefer to schedule your appointments for the whole year.

Long-Range Planning

This has a number of benefits. For one, when you know you have a dental appointment months ahead of time, it can accommodate the rest of your busy schedule. You will know not to make other plans the morning or afternoon of your appointment, allowing you to maximize your time.

Another benefit is that you can be sure of getting the dental care you need, including checkups, X-rays, teeth cleaning, and other routine tasks usually covered by dental insurance, which is a benefit from your employment. If you don’t use your dental benefits, you lose them. So you may as well take full advantage of them for yourself and your family.

Mark Your Calendar

Of course, as the date of your dental appointment approaches and you need to make a change to the time or date, we will make every effort to accommodate you. Scheduling so far in advance enables us to be more flexible with our patient appointments so we can often move things around to get you in when it’s most convenient for you. Our top goal is to keep our patients healthy, happy, and worry-free.

So if you are given an appointment time months or even close to a year away, don’t fret. It benefits both our dental practice and you and your family.

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