Twice Yearly Dental Exams Highly Recommended

If you have dental insurance, there’s a good chance that your policy will cover dental exams twice per year. There’s a reason for this.

When your dentist conducts a full examination of your teeth every six months or so, there’s time to identify, address, and treat any dental issue that may have arisen since your last exam before they get too out of hand. With twice per year dental exams, things like cavities, staining, cracked teeth, gum disease, and other issues usually can be caught and fixed without causing serious harm to your oral health.

Dental Exams

But what if your dental insurance doesn’t cover twice per year dental exams? Or what if you have no dental insurance at all? Seeing your dentist at least twice per year is still highly recommended. Plus, the out of pocket cost of a routine dental exam is often surprisingly affordable.

It’s important to take care of your oral health. So seeing your dentist every six months for a routine dental exam and teeth cleaning can help catch problems before they develop into something more serious. And having your teeth cleaned by a professional dental hygienist can help keep your teeth healthy, your breath fresh, and your smile bright all year round.

Bella Smile – Dental Exams Highly Recommended

At Bella Smile, we recommend making appointments with us twice per year for routine examinations and teeth cleaning. The process is fast, it’s easy, and it will help prevent more serious problems like gum disease, cavities, and other common dental issues.

Taking care of problems before they develop is always better than trying to fix them later. If you don’t already have appointments with Bella Smile for you and your family, call today and make two routine exams and cleanings for the coming year. Your smile with thank you later.

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